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  1. New Year inspiration: 5 dazzling ways to welcome 2017!

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    How are you feeling about the new year? For lots of people I know – and for me – it’s roll on 2017 after a year that could best be described as absolute pants… (ahem) mixed. And if you’re visiting this site for weight loss/health inspiration, you might be fearing another year of starting with worthy resolutions and good intentions and then failing before January is out…

    For the last decade, I’ve spent a few hours at ‘Twixtmas’ reviewing my year, and making plans for the new one. I love the ritual, but this year I’ve had mixed feelings. Like many people, I reckon I’ve had my fill on 2016. Yet as I got stuck in, I realised even my regrets – I’ve had a few – help me see what I want more on in the new year. That might be better health, more time with friends, feeling more confident…

    Get those fireworks ready… Here’s how to shake off the bad times, and let the good times roll…

    Was it time with friends, birdsong, a moment when you felt you made a difference at work or in your community? Remember the highlights from 2016, however fleeting. This summer, I signed up to Instagram, and I love how it encourages you to capture great views, glorious sunsets, simple pleasures. How can you build more of those into your new year? Think about the health-giving moments, too: great walks, ticking off achievements, creating and sharing a healthy meal.

    Your disappointments and regrets can show you what matters most, and where you’re unwilling to compromise: your core values.  If it’s political or humanitarian events that have made you despair, use that as an inspiration to take action, whether it’s by campaigning or fund-raising. If it’s a personal thing, what can you change to live by what you believe in?

    So many people I looked up to died this year. Alongside the sadness, can you turn the loss on its head and incorporate the values you admired in your legends into your own life? Create a playlist or watch their shows to inspire you and remind you of their contribution to the world. Can you add more music, comedy or kindness to your life, as your own tribute?

    Modern life can be full of negativity – and I’ve realised this year I want to focus on what I can change, not complain about what I can’t. You could mute negative voices on social media, or start new conversations about influencing the future. Move away from the passive towards the active.

    As much as I love sparkly lights and cards from friends, my heart soars when it’s time to take down the decorations and start a decluttered new year. Resolve to cut out the crap clutter – physical and mental – to help clear the view to a better 2017. What can you ditch? – is it the cakes and biscuits that have accumulated during celebrations, the clothes you no longer love, the past regrets you can’t change… free yourself, for a more vibrant 2017.

    Good luck…

    And if you want to use the same five-step plan I do each year, I’ve designed a free, 24-page ebook, with worksheets, to help you: weight loss can be part of the plan, but it’s not restricted to that. Sign up below to my personal newsletter (which includes information about creative thinking, goals-setting and writing) to download it for free now.

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