Super-Charged September – Day 4


Super-charged September is designed as a boost to get you back on track with 5:2.  Every day for a whole month, there’s a challenge or a question or an inspiration to help you: the idea is you do it alone or share your thoughts to help others in the group.  Are you on board?

Here’s my answer:

My Fast Day standbys are soups, and salads. I make batches of my own soup (see my recipe books or the food page for ideas) and freeze it in individual portions, or I do like some of the fresh-made soups you find in the fridges of big supermarkets. Glorious Soups are a favourite when I have no time to make my own. For a quick salad, I marinate half a buffalo mozzarella in balsamic vinegar, herbs and chilli flakes at room temperatures for 30 minutes (or longer in the fridge). I tear into pieces and serve with rocket, more fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, a few pine nuts (not too many as they’re high in cals) and lots of fresh ground pepper. I am also a huge fan of courgetti, and mushroom stroganoff!

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