Super-Charged September – Day 30


It’s the last day of the Supercharge! If you’ve made it through the month,

CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you’ve found it as inspiring as I have, reading your responses.

If you haven’t been following this ‘live’, you can start the challenge yourself any time – and read other people’s experiences in the free, private Facebook group!

So here’s my take on the challenge:

It’s been quite a challenge for me, posting something new every day, but it’s proved I can do this if I put my mind to it. And the responses on Facebook have really been worth it: so many stories and interesting food ideas, plus a real sense of what’s most useful for people in future.

On a personal level, I’ve completed 12 fasts – more than I originally intended – and have cut back on snacking. In addition, I’m eating at the table more with my partner, and I’ve been running again. Win-win! I hope you’re feeling good, too, and thank you for all the responses.

Looking for the next challenge? You’ll find inspiring stories and recipes in my 5:2 books, which have helped many thousand worldwide to get going!

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