Super-Charged September – Day 3


Super-charged September is designed as a boost to get you back on track with 5:2.  Every day for a whole month, there’s a challenge or a question or an inspiration to help you: the idea is you do it alone or share your thoughts to help others in the group.  Are you on board?

Here’s my answer:

It’s pretty simple for me this month: I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for 3 years, but the summer has involved lots of eating out, seeing friends & doing fewer fasts. I’ve also fallen into a few unhelpful habits, like automatically buying a cake from the lovely stall at the market, or having an extra piece of toast when I’m not even hungry. I find those then make me enjoy my treats less – so by September 30 I want to have had 10 great Fast Days, plus I want to have lost my snacking habit.

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