Super-Charged September – Day 28


It’s Week 4 of Super-charged September – a boost for your 5:2 life and plans! Every day for a whole month, we’re posting questions and ideas here and on the free, private Facebook group: so you can learn from other people’s experiences as well as get on track yourself.  Catch up on all the other challenges in the News section of this site.

Here’s my answer to today’s challenge:

I admit it – I find it quite hard to relax. Working from home means the laptop is only ever a room away and I quite often work late into the evening. So I find that simple crafts like tapestry or crochet are relaxing. I also find subtitled dramas – like Spiral or The Killing – mean I have to focus on the screen not Facebook! And I love Aromatherapy Associates products for a real treat, their shower oils always do the trick for me (not on commission, just love them!).

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