Super-Charged September – Day 25


It’s Week 4 of Super-charged September – a boost for your 5:2 life and plans! Every day for a whole month, we’re posting questions and ideas here and on the free, private Facebook group: so you can learn from other people’s experiences as well as get on track yourself.  Catch up on all the other challenges in the News section of this site.

Here’s my answer to today’s challenge:

Soups are hugely important to me on 5:2. I  love home-made – my Indian spiced lentil and tomato is the ideal winter warmer, while the pea and mint soup from my 5:2 Good Food Kitchen book tastes of spring, whether you make it from fresh or frozen peas.  For making my own, I use Marigold Vegetable bouillon if I don’t have any stock handy, though it’s very easy and satisfying to make. And my favourite shop-bought soup comes from Glorious!

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