Super-Charged September – Day 2


Super-charged September is designed as a boost to get you back on track with 5:2.  Every day for a whole month, there’s a challenge or a question or an inspiration to help you: the idea is you do it alone, or if you’re on Facebook, there’s the option to share your thoughts to help others in the group.  Are you on board?

Here’s my answer:

I have been a yoyo dieter since I lived on cottage cheese and crispbreads in my late teens (occasionally with added pineapple for a treat!). I bought all the books – high-fibre, low-fat, hip & thigh, low-carb etc etc. I also joined some of the slimming clubs and constantly went from slender to chubby and back again so many times. It left me with a poor body image, and it cost me a lot of money too. Not to mention most of the diet food I ate was DISGUSTING. When I started 5:2, I really had zero faith in myself to be able to control my weight or appetite. I was – happily – wrong! Which is why I’m now so passionate about spreading the word…

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