5-2 Summer Ready Podcast

This podcast is a summertime special to accompany my new summer e-book 5:2 Summer Ready, which takes favourite tips, recipes and ideas from my other four 5:2 books – it’s the ideal short introduction if you’ve never read a book on intermittent fasting. (If you do have my other books, you won’t need this new e-book – but this podcast will be perfect for re-inspiration!). And even if you’re in the southern hemisphere, where I know summer is a memory right now, I hope you’ll find it useful!

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This podcast includes tips on boosting your fasting success; my views on the ‘summer body’ controversy; ideas for enjoying that summer feeling all-year-round AND, a specially recorded 10-minute meditation to help you relax and stay on track with your healthier, more confident life…(which you can also download and listen to separately).

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5:2 Summer-ready podcast shownotes:

Beach boost ideas

In the ebook, I give you a top 10 of things you can try to help see great improvements as soon as possible. The three I mention in the podcast are:

  1. Meal timing: there’s evidence that leaving a longer gap between meals may help the body repair itself, and many of our Facebook members also report that ‘saving’ calories for one or two meals also helps them feel less hungry than eating more often. On a non-fasting day you can also restrict your ‘eating window’ to help you eat the foods you love, without over-doing it: e.g. try 16:8 which means only eating during an 8-hour period, like having brunch at 11am and supper by 7pm. There’s a whole chapter about this in 5:2 Good Food Kitchen.
  2. Find your fitness passion: look at your own interests and aims to find an enjoyable way of getting some movement into your life (you can find lots more information with 5:2 Your Life)
  3. Step it up to 3 Fast Days: this is an alternative way to speed up weight loss, and it’s the one I prefer. Look at your diary and schedule in 3 Fast Days for a week or two before going away – it’ll increase the calorie deficit which should help you lose weight a little faster. But remember not to do more than 2 fasts back to back (on consecutive days), as it may affect your metabolism or increase cravings.

Guided Meditation

This will take around 10 minutes and help you feel relaxed and inspired. If you enjoy it, let me know and I’ll record more!

Important: Because you’re aiming for a state of relaxation, you should not use this when you’re in charge of machinery, driving a car or otherwise need to be completely aware of your surroundings.

Holding onto that summer feeling

Finally today, let’s think beyond the summer… because the positivity doesn’t have to be limited to the sunny holiday months. In the ebook 5:2 summer-ready I give some ideas for holding onto those feeling. Here’s a preview:

  • Set a new goal: is there an occasion you’d like to look your best for? A charity fitness event you’d love to train for? Or set your sites towards the festive season and plan for the outfit you’d love to wear.
  • Chase the sunlight: as the days get shorter, your body craves daylight, so make a special effort to spend time outdoors, especially at weekends when it can be easier to be out and about during the brightest hours. Choose to go for a walk with a friend instead of the nearest café; borrow a neighbour’s dog and play fetch in the park; hire a bike and explore your local area. You’ll feel so much better for it.
  • Eat seasonally: as the seasons change, the produce available reflects that, with more comforting vegetables and fruits that can still be eaten on Fast Days: it can be hard to tell what’s seasonal when our supermarkets stock produce from all over the world, so signing up for a vegetable box scheme from local farmers means you’re getting the best of what’s available all year round. Try Eat Seasonably for inspiration!

The e-book also contains a range of recipes from brunches like Eggs Benefit (my healthier version of Eggs Benedict) to lunches like Thai Prawn Skewers, and larger meals like lamb kofta, basil-baked salmon and summer vegetable crumble with herbs:there are even two sweet treats to round off your meals.5 2 summer ready (1)

Music credits: Meditation track: Secret Conversations by The 126ers from the YouTube Audio Library

Important Note:

This podcast is for information only and is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. There are some people who shouldn’t follow this diet: children and teenagers, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. If you take medication have a pre-existing medical condition, including Type 2 diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes. In addition, anyone with a history of eating disorders should definitely not undertake this without talking to their doctor or specialist.