Food lover Fiona’s 5:2 success

"I eat out at least twice a week, sometimes more, but with 5:2 I can still lose weight."

Name: Fiona Maclean

Age: 52

Occupation: Marketing consultant & food writer

Where do you live? London

Diet history: I do a lot of restaurant reviews and eat out far too much. My Dad and Uncle both had heart attacks and my Mum had diabetes. And I’d put on a lot of weight! I’m only 156cm (5 feet 1 ½ and weighed 72kg (159 lb) when I started 5:2 (ouch!).

5:2 history:  I started in September 2012 after realising that I could have health problems in the future.

Weight loss: I’ve lost 9 kg – that’s 20lbs – and am aiming at the healthy weight zone, just three more kilos to go.

Positive health changes: I have hypothyroidism, so that makes losing weight even harder, but I feel much better. My feet and ankles were getting swollen and uncomfortable but not anymore. I haven’t had a cold all winter and I generally have more energy after a Fast Day. I also don’t ache as much (that’s connected with the thyroid problem) and my asthma seems better.

Fast Day Routine? I generally don’t need to eat anything in the morning, but if I’m feeling hungry, I’ll have a small portion of fat-free Greek yoghurt with half a teaspoon of clear honey. I eat lunch at 1 p.m. when I’ll have homemade veggie soup – spinach, tomato and lentil, broccoli or celeriac and leek. Supper is at 7 p.m., and I’ll usually have a vegetable stir-fry with shirataki noodles and chicken or prawns, or a vegetable curry. I drink green tea in the mornings and coffee with milk in the afternoons – I allow for some skimmed milk in my calories on a Fast Day.

How do you deal with the hunger pangs on a Fast Day? I find miso soup or Japanese rice crackers are excellent to ward off hunger pangs.

What’s the treat you enjoy on Feast Days?  Steak, which I really shouldn’t eat! Venison and game are a good substitute for the steak for me. I also love fresh, well-cooked vegetables. And afternoon tea!

The Best Thing About 5:2? 5:2 lets me lead a normal (for me) lifestyle when it isn’t a Fast Day and still seems to work!  If I have a really OTT week then I don’t lose weight, but as long as I do two Fast Days, I seem to stay the same weight. If I am not out every possible night, then I seem to be losing weight steadily. And, having had the thyroid problem for a few years, that is quite remarkable in its own right.

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