Podcast 17: New Year Special

In this New Year special of the 5:2 Diet Podcast, host and author Kate Harrison offers encouragement and practical advice on the 3 strategies that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

Plus, she shares her thoughts on detoxes and ‘miracle’ diets… and why she believes intermittent fasting is a more sustainable bet. Plus Kate also explains how she sets goals and ambitions for a new year, using a fun 5-step programme that encourages you to dream a little, and then plan ways to make dreams come true (from getting a better smile, to changing career or moving countries!). 3

You can download the FREE ebook on goal-setting via Kate’s bookclub.

Read more about Kate’s views of detox diets, and see the full list of the strategies mentioned.

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Lemongrass and ginger pork with noodles

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