Make a delicious new start with 5:2 Good Food Kitchen

5.2 Good Food Kitchen

I’m delighted to announce that my fourth 5:2 book,  5:2 Good Food Kitchen, is published today! It’s the longest of the books so far at a whopping 392 pages, and it’s packed with new recipes, plus lots of inspiring stories from people who’ve used 5:2 to transform their lives. It’s the perfect Christmas stocking filler – or a great kick-start to the new year!

Eggs 'benefit' with mustard herb sauceCoronation quinoa with asparagus and almonds 285 calsPick n Mix Muesli

What’s new in 5:2 Good Food Kitchen?

  • – Recipes to suit every occasion and all diets/intolerances: like home-made veggie pizza, pea and mint soup, spicy  mulligatawny, Spanish tapas, korma, middle-eastern mezze, black forest yogurt drink, mini-espresso ice-cream sundae and even a chocolate truffle recipe.
  • – Stories from 11 people who’ve lost between up to 40kg/88 pounds on 5:2, and now share their tips and experiences
  • – Making sense of… healthy eating: ten sections to help you work out what’s best for you from so much contradictory advice on health: learn about appetite, allergies, breakfast skipping, sugar and sweeteners, food scares and buying great food.
  • – 5 :2 Food Hero ingredients: forget overpriced ‘superfoods’ – we profile the most nutritious foods that offer fantastic value for money – and great taste.

World's easiest chocolate almond pancakeCheddar and apple mini muffins under 50 cals eachChicken con carne

My 5:2 Philosophy – fresh, real, easy, thoughtful

It was food author Michael Pollan  who coined the simplest advice on eating well: ‘eat food, not too much, mostly plants.’ And though I haven’t always followed that advice, it does describe my diet today. Since 5:2, I’ve started cooking MUCH more from scratch Fast Days and non-fasting days.

What I’ve realised is that the fresh foods we eat don’t need to change change on fast days: we just need to adapt methods or portion size a little to or portion sizes, and that little extra element of caution also makes me more mindful on non-fasting days. So in all the recipes, I’ve included options to make the dish a little richer, or suitable for people not fasting, with small adjustments. The delicious sherried mushroom and leek risotto on the cover is the perfect example: it’s made with barley, so it’s fuss-free, and you can add whatever fresh, seasonal ingredients you have handy, for fasting and non-fasting meals.

Plus as a vegetarian myself, I’m aware of how often diet cookbooks are reliant on meat dishes – so we have a great mix, and even where a meal contains meat or fish, I’ve included options not just for vegetarians, but also those adopting gluten-free, dairy-free or other diets.

Comforting dishes, and some brand new flavours

Tortilla soup2014-09-30 13.08.50

I’ve loved recreating lots of familiar, favourite dishes, like Eggs Florentine, chilli, chicken burgers, and pasta with creamy mushroom sauce, for Fast Days. But I’m also a real fan of new flavours and ingredients. Some of the recipes – like the Noosa-style grilled mushrooms and the coronation quinoa with asparagus – were influenced by the trip we were lucky enough to make to Australia and Singapore in the spring of 2014. Others are my take on food trends, like kale chips, chilli edamame and even home-made kimchi, part of the wave of interest in spicy, garlicky Korean cuisine.

Want to know more?

I’ve created a Pinterest board with images of the food I made and tested during the writing of the book… including some of the mistakes! And if I’ve whetted your appetite, the book is available right now as a book and ebook from stores and online booksellers including WH Smith, Waterstones, Tesco (for a limited time) and Amazon – currently just £3.85 (under a penny a page!).

Have a happy, healthy new year! 5 2 4 books image.jpg