Kate talks 5:2 Your Life on the Lorraine Show, ITV

 Kate on Lorraine

Huge excitement in 5:2 land this week as I was invited to appear on Lorraine Kelly’s show on ITV… Lorraine is probably my favourite TV presenter, I think she’s sharp and warm and funny, but it did mean I was super-nervous. I have spent almost as much time debating what to wear as I did writing the 5:2 Your Life book. As my long-suffering friends know… And, as it turns out, my pink dress matched the set quite well (check out the whooshing stripe)!

Kate on Lorraine 4Kate on Lorraine 7Kate on Lorraine 3

We did some filming in advance – not in Brighton, because the house is way too small for all the things they wanted me to do on camera: like tidy a room in record-breaking time, do stretches at my laptop, brainstorm my future dreams (including go to Australia, get a puppy and make a difference) before relaxing outside with a fake cocktail.

5 2 your life ready

Then, today, they sent a car all the way to Sussex to pick me up at 6am. Then Terri the genius make-up artist, made me look more awake than I ever have looked (and certainly a lot more awake than I’ve ever looked before at that time of the morning), and a great hairdresser controlled my locks. I also met the inspiring Simone Banerjee, whose story has been told in the gripping ITV drama, The Widower, and who now works with heart patients as a specialist nurse. Wish I could have had longer to talk to her, but the time flew by, and soon it was time to go to the sofa!

Kate on Lorraine 2

Face-to-face, Lorraine was even prettier and warmer than she appears on TV, and I felt instantly relaxed. Everyone did so much to put me at my ease, and even though I think I look a tiny bit silly in the video, it was the most amazing chance to chat about all 5:2 has done for me, and so many others in our great Facebook Groups.

Kate on Lorraine 6

(Relaxing after a hard day’s 5:2ing -it was only cranberry juice, honest!)

If you’re inspired by the idea of making over your life, one tiny step at a time, read my list of my favourite ways to 5:2 Your Life, or download a free sample of the 5:2 Your Life Book! Or watch a clip from Lorraine online (UK only, alas).