Introducing Blameless May – a very 5:2 way to start the month

Blameless May.jpg

Feeling in need of a fresh start? Then Blameless May is for you!

I’ve just come back from a fantastic trip to Australia and Singapore – but all the delicious food and wine meant I couldn’t 5:2 without denying myself some great meals out, and now I am back on track. I’ve designed Blameless May to suit anyone looking for a fresh, guilt-free start. The principles are in the graphic above – and I’ve also designed a printable document to help you keep track of YOUR experiences this month. If you like this as a tool, I’ll do more in future months.

You can download the printable versions here – and to join in with others, why not check out our Facebook group?

Happy May!

My Blameless May progress chart