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Seeing is believing – and when it comes to 5:2, we have some amazing pictures of people who’ve transformed their lives – and can tell you how they did it, too. And remember, success isn’t just about what’s happening on the outside – 5:2 also offers fundamental changes on the inside, like improvements to health, bags more energy, and a sense of freedom from conventional dieting. Don't forget you can also hear all about people's successes via the Podcasts - or read more in each of our Books!

Kate, 45, the reformed yo-yo dieter

"I've lost 31lbs, and gained confidence and over 40,000 Facebook friends! 5:2 has changed my life."

March 2012

October 2013 Photo (c) Chris O'Donovan

Name: Kate Harrison

Age: 45

Occupation: Writer

Where do you live? Brighton, UK

Diet history: I've been dieting on and off for more than 20 years, all my adult life. My weight's varied by two and a half stone. Most successful was veggie low-carbing, but it just wasn't sustainable as I love baking. By the summer of 2012, I'd pretty much given up.


Food lover Fiona’s 5:2 success

"I eat out at least twice a week, sometimes more, but with 5:2 I can still lose weight."

Name: Fiona Maclean

Age: 52

Occupation: Marketing consultant & food writer

Where do you live? London

Diet history: I do a lot of restaurant reviews and eat out far too much. My Dad and Uncle both had heart attacks and my Mum had diabetes. And I’d put on a lot of weight! I’m only 156cm (5 feet 1 ½ and weighed 72kg (159 lb) when I started 5:2 (ouch!).


Simone’s wedding – with a little 5:2 help

"It's made me re-examine my relationship with food – and take control of my body."

December 2005

April 2013

Name: Simone Baker

Age: 50

Occupation: I worked as a secretary and then helped to set up a national charity, but I haven't worked since 2002 following a serious road accident.

Where do you live? Reading

Diet history: I have always been overweight, since the age of nine. My mother took the drug Thalidomide during pregnancy, which affected the development of my arms and legs, so they are shortened and I have fingers and a thumb missing from both hands. My weight continued to increase once I got married and had my daughter, Lois. Then I was involved in a really bad car crash in 2002 and sustained a serious injury that further reduced my already very limited mobility and my weight increased further. I'd had many other (failed) attempts at losing weight by attending diet classes, but I'd get fed up or bored and would put all the weight back on and some more!