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Your 5:2 Diet Meal Planner

The 5 2 Diet Book Meal Planner

This Meal Planner helps you to work out what to eat on your Fast Days, and when – and then to chart how that’s worked for you. As I stress in The 5:2 Diet Book, one of the best parts of this approach is its amazing flexibility. You can personalise it, and the meal planner will help you do that. I find, for example, that at different times of year, I prefer to eat differently – at the time of writing, it’s winter, and I am eating a single larger meal in …
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Links and resources from 5:2 Your Life

Clickable resources list for 5 2 Your Life December 2013

This download is most useful for readers of the print book, who can simply click onto all the resources and links from this document on PC or tablet.

Updated – How to have a brilliant 2015!

This is the updated Guide to New Year Goal-setting guide – it’s been downloaded and used many times by members of our 5:2 groups and includes ways to make your resolutions fun, fab and flexible!

How to have a brilliant 2015

If you like this, then 5:2 Your Life: Get Healthy, Happy & Slim is packed full of great ideas, challenges and tips for making the most of your life, work, family time and even your sleep…

All the links from The 5:2 Diet Book

The 5 2 Diet Book Clickable Links and Resources January 2013

This free downloadable list of all the links from the book makes it much easier to follow up internet resources directly from your computer. On some computers, you can click to them directly, while on others, you need to hold the Control button at the same time. Either way, it will save you a lot of typing – and means you can read the book and then follow up the topics that interest you most, whether you want to research the science, find recipes or chat to other …
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5:2 Your Life Weekly Planner

This simple 5 2 Your Life Planner will help you plan your journey through the 5:2 Your Life tasks and challenges! It’s printable so you can write on it and keep it on your wall, fridge or wherever it’ll remind you what’s in store!

The 5:2 Ferris Wheel life balance activity

This 5 2 Your Life Ferris Wheel worksheet comes from the 5:2 Your Life book, and helps you see the parts of your life which could be more balanced.

Your Movement DNA Download

This Movement DNA Worksheet download is from 5:2 Your Life and is designed to help you work out what activities and exercises you can enjoy and fit into your everyday life!