4 Lessons from 4 fab years doing 5:2

Hooray – today is my fourth ‘fastiversary’ – it’s exactly four years since I embarked on my first ‘intermittent fast.’ I’m still a healthy weight – 30lbs less than when I began this journey in 2012, and I still fast once or twice a week, depending on what I’ve been eating or doing the previous week.

Here, then, are four things I’ve learned from four years of 5:2…

4 things I've learned fastiversary 2016

Fast Days boost your mood & morale – they’re very much part of my routine and I love the feeling that I am doing something good for my body every time I fast. I also love the energy and mood boost they give me.

Attitude is key – be good to your body and forgive yourself any lapses. The people who succeed the best recognise this is a journey and the odd day or two when you overdo it, or where the scales aren’t showing a loss, won’t undo your good work.

Sustainability makes this achievable – 5:2 is great because it fits your own tastes and eating preferences, and nothing is banned so you can sustain it for months, years… decades.

Timing matters – on non-fast days too – eating when you’re hungry, or restricting the number of times you eat each day – helps you recognise true appetite and give your body chance to digest good. For most of us, snacks just aren’t needed and encourage thoughtless eating.  

I am four years older too, of course! As I’m now very firmly into my forties, I keep an eye on my health, and I was thrilled that recent blood tests showed my A1c result – a measure of blood glucose – was very good at 27 (the normal recommended range is 29-48). Type 2 diabetes has been one of my biggest worries, because there’s a strong family history, and I know fasting helps me stay a lower weight and reduce my risk.

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