My Second Fastiversary – plus Donate Your Dinner is back!

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So… today is my second ‘fastiversary’. Two years since I first took a leap of faith and tried out fasting for one day, after watching the truly fantastic BBC Horizon programme presented by the inspiring Dr Michael Moseley. Back then I was fed up, frumpy, two stone overweight and worried about my long-term health.

5 2 1 lb per week

More than a ‘diet’ – a life-changing experience

It’s been the easiest life change I’ve ever made. Two years on, I feel fit and energetic, still love eating out and baking, and – despite some really challenging times at home, and some comfort eating – I am still fasting, and still a healthy weight. In fact, I went on the scales this morning and discovered I’ve even lost a little more weight without trying. I am now 9 stone 5lbs, exactly 30lbs lighter than I was this time two years ago, with a BMI of 22.5.

5:2 has brought so many other positive changes: it’s given me the opportunity to write three books (the fourth is almost finished) that combine my fascination with health, psychology and good food. I now understand so much more about how our bodies work and how amazing they are.

A world-wide community with a shared goal

But the biggest thing for me has been discovering a great community, as we’ve learned and experimented together with how intermittent fasting can change lives. Our Facebook group, which started with me and a few friends, now has over 32,000 members worldwide. Seeing the stories, the photographs and the mutual encouragement is very inspiring.

Whether you’re just considering 5:2, trying it for the first time, or are a two-year veteran like me, I do feel we’re part of a revolution.

Your chance to give back – with Donate Your Dinner 2014

To celebrate, we’re also re-running our Donate Your Dinner campaign, in aid of UK Foodbanks run by the Trussell Trust. The 2014 campaign was only launched this morning, and already we are 7% towards our target. It’s simply about donating the cost of a meal you might not have bought on a fast day, or perhaps the number of pounds you’ve lost. If you can donate even the cost of a coffee, it’ll help the network of 420 food banks, which last year helped 900,000 people with emergency food and support. If you’re doing 5:2, you know we’re lucky to be able to choose when to eat, and this is a chance to help those who have no choice.


Thanks to everyone who is part of this journey, and here’s to many happy returns for all of us!

On the beach August 2014

Kate x