How 5:2 can combat the January Blues

So, this week is SUPPOSED to be the most miserable of the year because of post-Christmas gloom, dark nights (if you’re in the northern hemisphere – not so much for you lucky southerners), the long, long wait for the next holiday, oh, and the credit card bills from the festive season landing on the mat.

5 2 your life ready

Except what we’re doing with 5:2 is challenging ‘conventional wisdom.’ The wisdom used to be that you had to diet all the time for it to work – and for many of us, it didn’t work at all. So, we swapped to dieting very strictly but just two days a week, and bingo, for many of us it was working.

In my new book, 5:2 Your Life: Get Happy, Get Healthy, Get Slim, I’m challenging the conventional wisdom that you have to change everything at once – instead, I suggest small changes to make twice a week to improve what matters most to you.

Today, I’m sharing a really simple trick to try – spending just a minute or two turning something that’s winding you up right now into a positive. I’ll start with those January Blues items:

  •  Yes, the nights may be dark… but that gives us a chance to stay in and try learning something new like forensic science or crochet (take a look at these fab new courses, from forensic science to brain chemistry:
Future Learn courses
  •  Yes, it’s a long time to the next holiday… but isn’t half the fun of a holiday the anticipation? So get anticipating – start planning your holiday and maybe change your profile pic on social media or your desktop image to something from your last trip (here’s me in Rhodes last summer!)
Rhodes on beach 2
  •  Yes, the credit card bills are arriving… but why don’t you set yourself a challenge to have the most fun you can for free? Or, splash out on a budget of £5 or $10 and see how many different activities you can try for that (loads of ideas in the Simplify section of 5:2 Your Life – like signing up for a movie preview email like SeeFilmFirst where you can go to test screenings of the newest movies, without paying a penny?
  • No money for a new wardrobe? Unearth an old favourite… like these orange shoes!
  • The orange shoes I wish I could have bought

Over to you – can you turn a negative into a positive?

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