5:2 just got even better!

Want all the health and weight loss benefits of 5:2 – without the guilt that comes with traditional diets?

The new way to 5:2 includes Plenty Days as well as Fast Days – and our testers lost up to 14lbs/7kg in 28 days – they also had improved digestion, better sleep and more energy.

 And in most cases they were eating MORE than before: with bread, potatoes, wine, cheese and chocolate on the menu

Read all about the brilliant results – or buy the book  in the UK or for international delivery.

Down with clean eating – live Dirty instead!

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The 5:2 Diet is THE easiest way to lose weight and improve your health.

It worked for me - it can work for you too.

It worked for me – it can work for you too.

By cutting down just twice a week, you can transform your attitude to food, save money, and cut your risk of serious illness.

This site gives you all the information you need to start today. Discover how 5:2 works, cook delicious 5:2 friendly meals using our recipes, listen to free podcasts on your phone, and read how the five 5:2 books can help you be the weight you want to be.